We believe design should be beautiful, provide wellbeing and embrace sustainability.

the studio

Meriu Design Studio was born with the desire of designing and creating meaningful products and personal spaces for our daily lives connected with the user.

The way we like to think about spaces and objects is always relating them to people. Our creative process consists on engaging the client in an ongoing dialogue and developing with them beautiful, sustainable and purposeful objects and spaces.

The challenge is to create open-ended stories that connect users, their needs, expectations and emotions.

We love to use natural materials, learn from traditional craftsmanship and harness the potential of digital technology and fabrication. We believe environmental stewardship and sustainability is the only way forward in our human-centred design approach.

meriu díaz

Prior to launching her own studio in 2020, Meriu studied Architecture at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Architectural Association of London and Product Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design.

Her approach to architecture and design has been influenced by living and working in different cities and cultural contexts. Amsterdam, Shanghai, London, Kuwait and her hometown Madrid have been a few of these. She has worked for several internationally renowned architectural firms and has collaborated with other design studios and her experience ranges from the design of affordable multifamily housing to high-end office interiors and from furniture design to museums.

Currently her energy is centered on developing products and interior designs focused on the user and their wellbeing and happiness, keeping in mind the need to embrace sustainability.

The challenge is to always improve people’s lives.

is based in Madrid and operates globally.

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